We love cats and love to make them feel and look good, you can call us the cat whisperers if you want :)

Do you have a cat…
…with long hair that tangles easily?
…that is now a senior and can’t groom him/herself properly anymore?
…that likes to be treated like royalty?

Then you are in the right place, here at Barkingham Palace Pet Grooming we love working with your feline friends!

Regular grooming is an important part for the life of any cat, it does more than keeping the cat looking good – it maintains healthy skin and coat, adding great feelings to great looks!

Cats can usually look after their own coats, but sometimes a little extra TLC is needed. We provide a variety of cat grooming services, which include:

  • brush and de-shed to remove excess coat
  • knots removal (by either brushing or clipping)
  • full or partial haircut (including lion cut)
  • hygiene clip
  • cleaning of the fur with either dry shampoo or full bath – ONLY for cats accustomed to it
  • nail clipping
  • ears, eyes and nose cleaning

Grooming sessions usually last up to an hour. However, particularly matted coats, or stressed and/or elderly cats might require more care, so a second visit may be recommended to keep your cat from getting unhappy
Please note that we have a lot of doggy friends coming to our parlour during the day, therefore this service is usually provided at the beginning or at the end of the day only
We do our best to ensure a quiet and calm environment, where your cat can be pampered while feeling relaxed!